space-ship Hosts its Inaugural Pop-Up Exhibition in Downtown New York City

Muzae Sesay

Yetunde Olagbaju

Bráulio Amado


Muzae Sesay

Sesay’s work deals with themes of exterior and interior spaces, both public and private places. He tries to recollect particular places from the past and invent places that he has yet to visit in his work. The bright colors and geometric forms of his paintings are nostalgic of home, play, and imagination. The 2-D forms that populate his work compress space and time.

Yetunde Olagbaju

Olagbaju’s works with themes of time travel, space, source, vulnerability, ancestry, and the human relationship to the Blackness of the universe.  With video, installation, performance, photography, sound, and ritual she aims to sort through how we, as human beings, orient ourselves through our emotional and physical landscapes—our timeless internal and external worlds.

Bráulio Amado

Amado’s work is about providing a point of escape. The viewer can use his pieces as a doorway out of this particular socio-political point to access a more open place where there is space to breath, dream, and envision a different reality.

About The Theme, Inscape/Escape: From One to Many

What is an ‘Inscape’?

The inscape is a term that relates to the way in which these three artists envision their own interior landscapes and the visual representations they create of these internal spaces. All three of these artists see their creative processes as a means to escape from the everyday and from current political moment in order to imagine alternatives. Visually they create new realms where the viewer is free from oppressive political structures. By looking at their work, we can think through the sometimes-overwhelming questions of space, time, and identity. Through the lens of their artworks we can ask when, where, and who we are? And more broadly, how we relate to one another.

What is the ‘Escape’?

This refers to the sense of freedom and capacity for rethinking the social, political, and personal possibilities that these artworks can give us. Especially as gentrification and lack of resources make it increasingly difficult for artists to find space in which to create their artwork. These artists create fantasy spaces in paint or film, which ask us to think through the importance of providing physical space for representation as well as providing space within conversation for other identities, voices, and points of view.


Opening Night, 6/8/18

Footage from the opening night of Inscape/Escape: From One to Many.

Artist Talk, 6/10/18

Artist talk with Yetunde Olagbaju and Muzae Sesay hosted by Serena Board

"Between Worlds" Hosted by The MotH, 6/13/18


space-ship teamed up with The Moth to host a storytelling event in our gallery space. "Between Worlds" featured three story tellers who each told fifteen minute stories that related to the themes present in Inscape/Escape in an effort to bring conversation to the forefront. The event also included an interactive portion to get the audience moving around the space and thinking about the ideas present in the artwork and the stories they listened to.

Live performance and DJ set by Ushamami, 6/16/18

"ushamami is a dj, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who intertwines rnb, techno, jazz, house, and much more. Her music centers around her identities as a queer indian femme, and she has committed a great deal of her musical career to creating space for femme/queer musicians & artists through throwing shows, collaboration, and activism. based out of new york, she has performed all over the east coast as a solo act and with a live band." She just dropped her debut EP entitled "Proximity" which is available on all streaming services. 

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