Hannah Chalew discusses her practice and installation "Entropical Futures"

We had a chance to sit down with Hannah Chalew and discuss her practice as well as her installation “Entropical Futures” in space-ship’s third pop-up exhibition, “Down to Earth” which took place at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), New Orleans.

Hannah Chalew is a conceptual artist living in Louisiana and creating work based off of her environment. For space-ship presents: Down to Earth, a pop up exhibit in collaboration with the Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans. Chalew’s newest installation, Entropical Futures is an interactive dystopia created with recycled materials and living plants, in other words, a beautiful hell of our own making. Chalew describes the piece as “what will become of the southern Louisiana landscape once we’ve made this place unlivable.”

Chalew is inspired by the death and rebirth surrounding her in environment of Southern Louisiana. She describes the phoenix like way that nature grows from decaying plants as an inspiration.

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