A Closer Look At Christopher Martin's Work in "Rogue Objects" at University College London

Christopher Martin is a southern-raised artist from North Carolina, currently based in San Francisco.

Through his work, Martin tells the story of a young man coming from the South. While attending school at North Carolina A&T for graphic design, Martin was prone to create hand cut and sewn banners with logo-like images to tell a story relevant to his own culture and history. With cotton representing the toil/labor of those captured in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Martin hand-cut and sews tapestry pieces that are representative of the modern-day experience of the African diaspora.

His work continues in this medium alongside many other freelance positions like graphic design, tattooing, photography, videography, & teaching art classes/workshops throughout SanFrancisco bay area.

(from www.christophermartin.info)

Christopher Martin’s hand-cut and sewn banner pieces in space-ship’s Rogue Objects used cotton to articulate the powerful experience of the African Diaspora with a playful and sophisticated take on African-American iconography.



cotton bull denim, steel

130 x 81 cm (51 x 32 inches)

Yakub’s Special Angel


cotton bull denim, steel

141 x 60 cm (55 1⁄2 x 31 1⁄2 inches)

Cheat the Gallows


cotton bull denim, steel

125 x 83 1⁄2 cm (49 x 32 3⁄4 inches)


You can follow Christopher Martin on instagram @chrispymartin and learn more about his work on his website: www.christophermartin.info

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