the unforgivingness of exhaled textures by Rachel Davis

I wanted to unlearn love
It was like this body of water that kept taking me
When we talked of seasides all I could think of was repressed air
You left me there
It was my undoing
That left me the most bare
Sequences of you between I
it was fluid
Love was a silent wound I was holding
bleeding into me
To a point where it was not but a dissection
Of my spaces where I laid my bent frame across patterned ground just so you could cross me
I remember swallowing the night so I could choke on a new hue
Loving the love that loved your type of love was a lullaby to a disintegration of an era where I would place my esophagus to the tune of waves crashing
Abandoning inside out palms
Because love wipes you away

People will approach you

Say it's gently used


People will suggest to you

the weight and color of your desaturated ions


Have you tried collecting

phrases like petals


Windows to water


I somehow landed in the middle


Surface tension breaching barriers of what I regard as here


It was a sheath

not paper

but thin


Paper cuts from misprints

smearing like bruises 


I can't read it 


Masking it


granulated sugar

was it sweet?


Marbled memories

are the same texture as clouds after rain


The heart you asked for 

Accrual of violent diagonals 


Yearly unaware


There's a mountain waiting for you

Like a mannequin and your gaze


Layered post it notes

Evenly composed

It is only a fraction 


You can speak once I'm gone 


It is quiet

but it doesn't mean I am blind 


Your blood is a poem


Maybe I'm crossing

criss cross




like names of those left behind


Sprinkled pragmatically

It lingered on her fingertips 


Began it began


Like a serrated edge 


When I showed palms like papers


I was a word


all of the things


You are but a strand of sounds

married to a dot in the distance 


Thank you 

You rock and hold above ground breeze

that is a never ending sifting of sounds

that feel like their breaths


The junction of puncturing me

while also loving me

is a quiet wind of hysteria


It never looked like that before

Diamonds in your eyes

or rather just divorces sighs

A spider is swallowing you whole and 

you don't mind because it reminds you of your



A broken mirror places you within 

the gratification of compartments 


Like an accordion

ribbed flustered aqueducts line the outilne

of your jaw

You're in all of it


There are oranges you peel and tissue paper

you see through

that eroticizes this notion


You choose a way to see

subverting the swayed alphabetical order

of the stencil you drew

it betrays you 


antidotal doses of barricaded claps

rearrange in your mind what it means to grasp


Lying but I was not asleep

Lying but I did not speak


Sunlight spearing skin 

kept in full 


Joel CampoComment