Ph@se 1

“I thought it was set, set, set”.

A soft response to your betrayal

‘So did I, Grandmere’ -- all I can say to my 94 year old great-grandmother,

That is all I could muster to say about us.

About our undoing.

We agree to disagree on some parts but the sentiment remains the same

‘So did I, Grandmere’. And in that moment, I am emotional.

For the first time in months, I am brought back to the wet feeling of betrayal

In all my retellings, this is the one that bites

They say you cannot get ‘over’ heartbreak,

Alas, you must go through it.

And while over may sound active, it is detached.

And while over may sound active, it is detached.

Getting ‘over’ it lets me delete our photos and scroll through my unaccepted DMs

Getting through it, thought, is a much lonelier feat

Getting ‘through’ heartbreak reminds me how we,

I mean me,

I mean we,

I mean… I don’t know,

how I got here.

This was never the plan, this forced metamorphosis,

as it entangles me, strangles me as I resist.

This bullet, the one I so called dodged, well I found it

here, lodged in my chest. Stuck firmly, debilitating.

I’m unsure how my heart continues to beat.

This was our undoing. Now I must move on.

First thing’s first,

Hello operator? Yes, I would like to report a homicide.

Joel CampoComment