Overthrow after Terrance Hayes

Suppose I say come fight me, and what I mean is that I’ve been fighting my whole life.

Would you rather let me convulse in anger and call it heartbreak or shudderingly tap

Out in self eruption?Perhaps, my fist

be shades and flames of flesh and spirituality. 

My gaze only torched and cloaked with determination. 

Dear reflection, let’s fucking go, get your ass out of the corner,

so that my teeth and two tongues finally learn how to co-exist in the hole. 

Dear lover, as our feet circle waiting for the bell- and our better selves

watch from the bleachers - in this lifetime, I’ve known everything but peace, -

I’ve known all about the war we wage

when we’re entangled inwardly and electrically alive. 

Keep fighting for the disappearing dreams when I graze my teeth to leave a mark.

Soon, the tunnels under the river and ropes will repair the damage, 

shattering all horrors, for heroic self-healing, leaving it all in the ring.

Joel CampoComment