Next Stop: New Orleans

space-ship is holding its third pop-up exhibit, which will begin at 5:30pm on April 25, 2019, at The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), New Orleans. The exhibition is open to the public and will be open until May 12th.

The theme for this pop-up—Down to Earth— deals with social and environmental justice. During the exhibition, space-ship will hold educational initiatives and public programming. There will be a talk on Art and Social Justice in the Age of Climate Change, a poetry performance open to the community, a Creative Release Workshop with Carla Simone, and creative workshops for students at the YAYA Art Center. The exhibition will feature three artists:

  • Hannah Chalew, a New Orleans-based artist whose installation pieces explore “what it means to live in the age of climate change with an uncertain future looming, and specifically what that means for those living in Southern Louisiana.”

  • Allison Beondé is a visual artist living in New Orleans and is currently an MFA candidate at Tulane University. The photographs in this exhibition are examples from her series At the hands of persons unknown - a contemplative meditation on our society, set within the American South. Her images explore spaces and structures that have been normalized into the everyday, and the history embedded within them. She traces through what she notes as invisible geographies in her work, providing a visualization in the form of “historical meditation”—a way to contemplate the environment around us and to examine and scrutinize its origins more deeply.

  • Carla Simone is a multidisciplinary artist from New Orleans who is heavily influenced by the culture of her community and the people within it. The tactile materiality of her large-scale canvases create evocations of place, light and dreaming. She aims to bring thought-provoking joy and meaningful discourse to all who view her work.

Part of space-ship’s mission is to display contemporary art as a vehicle for engaging in difficult conversations. We hope to produce places for learning and dialogue to emerge through the empowerment of artists and communities.

We are very excited to be popping up at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), New Orleans, which was founded in 1976 as an artist-driven community organization. As a multidisciplinary arts center, it has dedicated its presentations of visual and performing arts to education, and to the exploration of the diverse cultures of New Orleans.

You can find the Opening Reception event on Facebook.

Joel CampoComment