"Lady (Work)" and "Corps"

Lady (Work)

     Lady (Work)

She filled herself with Independence—

dependent on what men were spending;

four inches lifted, coiled and suspended

on velvet robes at day’s ending. 

Alone with peace in her trinity

she never found it in another city.


Hidden amongst the trees, I faced ground.

People of my habitat corralled

prospecting appearance of rainfall--

not water, but projected metal

struck bodies turning all porous like soil.

Lead droplets seethed blood, and souls

no longer belonging in the physical world,

plummeted by mechanical cylinders--no veiled

tender cloud. An ordnance revolting flesh

released a cloudburst of caps as hail;

their motto did not call for death,

yet they walked on those beneath

me and the Acacia trees--

and this was the armament of peace

Joel CampoComment