“Watch Me Watching Them”

by Mackenzie Shrieve

I sit on the bench across from the gravel oval which is the dog park

I watch them

And I watch them watching me

They’re chasing balls and tails and each other


I sip my coffee and close my eyes

The sunshine is seeping through branches and veins that make up leaves that make up the canopy of this very park

What it would be like to be something so big and undeniable

Like light or stars

Celestial beams racing through skies and hitting our skin until we shift from the discomfort of the heat


These dogs walk into a space that has been built for them

As I wonder if they know they are playing and drooling and peeing on the grounds of artists and addicts and people


As they have a space in a park that belongs solely to them

While human beings get fined and arrested for sleeping on gravel that indents their skin

I sit on the bench and wonder

Joel CampoComment