Am I Dying?

By Julia Blasius


Am I dying? 


Adam Smith said Beauty is no quality of the object itself,

David Hume wrote Beauty exists in the mind.


What is known forever in the mind?

Objects of thought, Thought Objects --

These must be beautiful, too.


And what shape are they? And what color?

Where do colors happen?


Where does the soul begin?

At what point does my body reach its limit?

Reason, principle, conscience…

Who is the “inhabitant of my breast”?


Uselessness Uselessness Uselessness...

Deformity is only a lazy guess at the world.


When does imagination reach its own extremities

Find its own fingers?

On a scale of 1 - 10…

Are you taking your humanity for granted?

On a scale from 1 to 10,

How much are you suffering?


Human creature

Creature tender

Tender flesh


News yesterday and yesterday and yesterday and tomorrow


I feel cold when I see bodies 

Fragmented into pixels

And rivers of blood

Turned into red ink cubes

For the sake 

Of my being



Belonging to some world…

I feel cold when I see bodies open


Crumbling into squares

CYMK at 72PPI and some dpi

What is the resolution,

but an unfathomable number.

Is there an up and down still?

How do you move --

As though through an infinite nothing

The breath of empty 

space on your skin


As ______ dies,

I feel nothing.


And yet still I am dying, too.


So again

I ask:


Where does my soul begin?

Where do my thoughts grow beautiful fingers?

Whither is God?

Whither is Nature?

Whither is Humanity?

Whither is what whithers?

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