Premiere: Via Intercom's newest single “Only Boy" an android lullaby for our moment

Photography by Gabe Jacobs ( )

Photography by Gabe Jacobs (

Via Intercom’s latest single “Only Boy” is compellingly confessional and intimate. The duo’s experimental electronics call to mind both Björk and Radiohead, but with an added resonance of warmth brought forward by acoustic guitar. Above all else, the lyrics and composition of the song feel organic and fluid—an androgenous, android lullaby for all of us. It’s soundscape’s expansiveness is paired with the very relatable feelings of first sexual experiences and self-discovery. Maggie and Stevie’s interchanging vocals create a duality that manages to resist binarism and blur the line between the fragmented narratives. The inspiration for the song arose from their struggles with sexual pressure when they were young and as Maggie describes the “needs for male, masculine approval; and the wrestling we did, and do, with our bodies and our genders.”

Photography by Via Intercom

Photography by Via Intercom

Listening, I felt my own identity merging with the experimental soundscape, and the specificity of the experiences in the lyrics find resonance with broader emotions. The lyrics and spoken poetics play with themes of the infinite and the compelling figure of the cyborg—in essence a collage incarnate. And fittingly the duo describes their creative process “the song and video were like making a collage.”

The video itself operates as a visual tabula, and the band “play[s] the page like we played the song in the recording”. They cite the influence of Laurie Anderson's backgrounds and superimposed images in the O Superman video and Jun Togawa's "grotesque" bodies.

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