"Untitled" by Markel Thomas & "Marvel" by Raheem Jackson

Artwork by Robert Reynolds

Artwork by Robert Reynolds

Markel Thomas wrote the following poem, "Untitled." In response to it, Raheem Jackson wrote "Marvel": a poem within a poem.


Like a tiger in a cage, I’m out of my domain.
“But your new place is so much better.” says the zookeeper, ”No need to complain.
I keep you learned, fed, and housed from the rain.”
But with all these provisions, I still feel the pain.
And the longer I am here the colder gets my flame.
My stripes were so distinct, so vibrant, but here I am the same.
An animal in a cage meant to be tamed.
At one time, I would roar and they all knew my name.
Now every time I roar I feel my power drain.
From a roar in confidence to a roar in vain, as time goes on I get used to being tamed.
Seeing no problem with being the same.
For I am learned, fed, and housed from the rain. How could I complain?
Such is the story of the tiger who lost his name. Lost all things to which he laid claim. Eyes lowered, roar
passive, he became tame.

by Markel Thomas


Someone follows

searching for the beauty within the epitome of ultimatums and captivity.
cages within cages:
you lost your roar,
found Our key, and roamed to another locked door.

your distant roar

reaching for victims of poor timing:
lost generations of integration
slowly dying
while We’re gifted this confinement.

and the echos of your dulling stripes

help me tame my resentment.
tame your nostalgia.
help me tame my self-consciousness.
tame your frustrations.
savor what embraces your heart.

with love, naiveté, and admiration.

i feel the fervor of your roar in my bones
its just a different tone.
find the beauty in it for yourself
so that you may enjoy Our kingdom under the sun
when We find the last locked door.

by Raheem Jackson

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